Monday, September 20, 2004

A Date for Matt!

Well, I went out on a date tonight...with a guy....and it was fantastic!

I have been talking to a guy for ages via msn. He looked very cute in his pics and man is he fun to chat to. He is foreign, but been here for a while.

I was chatting to him tonight and he asked if i wanted to get some coffee, I was a bit surprised, but aggreed. I'm very glad that I did.

We talked for ages! and he was even better looking in person! I told him things I've never told a soul before, and he did not even look bored (he could have been, but i could not tell :) )

When we parted ways, he just gave my hand a gental pat, or rub. We agreed to meet again.

I had a great time! A wonderful time!

I don't know what will happen....He is a gay dude and hanging out with me could be a headache he does not need, but we will see..



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